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Fourth Sunday each Month Join Maldon Quakers in their Meeting House in Butt Lane, Maldon, at 10:30 am to find out about Quaker faith and values.
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10 October 2019 Quakers to discuss assisted dying. Quakers have taken a further step towards discussing assisted dying in the UK. Quakers are being encouraged to further explore the issue of assisted dying, and dying and death more generally, recognising that there are differing and deeply-held views.
16 September 2019 Quakers join #GlobalClimateStrike. Quakers will join local #GlobalClimateSrike demonstrations across Britain on Friday 20 September in solidarity with Greta Thunberg and other youth climate protestors.
10 September 2019 Stop selling weapons of war. As one of the world's largest arms fairs opens in London, Quakers in Britain are among faith communities urging the UK government to stop selling weapons of war. In an Open Letter published in The Guardian they call on the government to put ethics at the heart of foreign policy and trading relations.
5 August 2019 Remembering lives lost at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 killed and maimed many thousands of people. This week the overwhelming devastation is being commemorated with vigils, prayers, peace walks and a determination to work for peace. Quakers around Britain will be among many remembering the lives lost.
31 July 2019 Happy anniversary! Landmark decision on marriage celebrated. This week marks 10 years since Quakers in Britain decided to campaign for same-sex marriage so that marriages of all committed Quaker couples be prepared, celebrated, witnessed, recorded and reported to the state.
26 June 2019 Mass lobby urges action on climate. More than 100 Quakers from England, Scotland and Wales came to Westminster today to take part in The Time is Now, a mass lobby of parliament urging MPs to take action on climate crisis and environmental breakdown.
20 June 2019 Victory for campaigners over arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Quakers in Britain welcome the legal decision that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen are unlawful and applaud the dedicated work of Campaign Against Arms Trade taking this through the courts.
16 May 2019 Quiet simplicity of meeting houses celebrated. When Quakers built Hertford Meeting House in 1670 they were more likely to be persecuted than praised for their style of building. This week it is one of 17 Quaker meeting houses to be listed or upgraded and preserved for the nation by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on the advice of Historic England.
2 May 2019 Protesting in row over nuclear weapons. Quakers joined a Christian vigil outside Westminster Abbey today (Friday) in protest against the decision to hold a service to mark fifty years of continuous-at-sea patrol by the UK's nuclear submarines.