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19 Nov 2018 Quakers will not profit from the occupation of Palestine Quakers in Britain has today become the first church in the UK to announce it will not invest any of its centrally-held funds in companies profiting from the occupation of Palestine.
1 Nov 2018 Young people make their remembrance about peace The centenary of the armistice that ended World War I is a poignant moment. As the world pauses, a national project, INSPIRE, will engage thousands of children in remembrance and in peacebuilding.
17 Oct 2018 New film takes stand against militarism setting out to challenge the British government's attempt to entice children into support for war..
6 Aug 2018 Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki Around the world this week, ceremonies will mark the anniversaries of the first atomic bombs dropped in Japan in 1945. Quakers will be among those remembering lives lost.
24 Jul 2018 Riding for equality A group of Quakers are taking to their bikes and mobility scooters to ride from Cumbria to deliver a message to 10 Downing Street.
10 Jul 2018 Quakers call for leaders with integrity Quakers in Britain are asserting that, “Humanity needs leaders of integrity and conscience, ready to be held to account by individuals and institutions, national and international."
15 Jun 2018 Time to rethink national security A groundbreaking conference “Rethinking Security" found energy, passion and positive thoughts for new approaches to national security.